Two BA students: Graciela Torres Solano and Lizbeth Castrejón Reyes and one MA student: Ramona Benítez Carbajal from CIEX presented their research proposals in the TEXLER Conference on Feb. 18th. The presentations were developed in the posters sessions organized by the Texler 2017 Committee. The titles of the presentations are: “The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Language Teachers Children at CIEX, Chilpancingo”, “Developing Exploitable Language Teaching Materials for Vocabulary Instruction to Children” and “ Contrastive Analysis between Kindergarten Students: Monolingual and Bilingual”. These projects were developed in the CIEX research courses in the BA and MA programs and received some feedback from the professors at UTSA. Congratulations CIEX students!

Besides that, two CIEX professors presented two other posters developed by the research that is being done at CIEX. MA Norma Murga, presented the poster proposal developed by Nora Tornés and Ma. del Carmen Castillo. The proposal is entitled: “Teaching Competencies for Teaching English to Children at CIEX”. This poster was designed from Nora´s thesis for the MA degree in Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. On the other hand, Dr. Ma. del Carmen Castillo presented the poster: “Empowering Emotional Intelligence through Learning Diaries in Intermediate Students”. This last proposal is a research project being developed by Dr. Castillo and Teacher Granados. These posters presentations were very successful.

CIEX was also present at TEXLER Conference by presenting a research entitled: “Exploring the Study Habits of Expert Language Learners”. This study is being developed by the research group “Teaching and Professional Development” whose members are: Norma Murga, Ma. del Carmen Castillo, Nora Tornés, Oscar Antaño and Anuar Granados. The presentation was very fruitful and the attendees were very interested in the research topic and in the project.