The Assessment of Learning

Challenges of the millennian teacher

  • CIEX Journal Centro de Idiomas Extranjeros "Ignacio Manuel Altamirano"
  • Carlos Pazos Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla


This work is based on a visible problem in any of the classrooms where future language teachers are being trained. Students face traditional, unfair evaluation processes, and instruments that do not measure what is expected to be measured. In addition to the above, we have that the note reflects some of the knowledge acquired. Imagine the kind of evaluation that these future teachers will activate in their classrooms, will they tend to repeat those patterns? We are in a good moment to reflect on the current evaluation practices and to generate in these students the paradigm shift which leads us to modernize the evaluation, to replace the instruments, to e-evaluate. Another aspect to consider is to understand evaluation as research. The results we obtain from our students must generate lines of research in the face of an inclusive and enriching, more humane and less normative evaluation culture.


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