Learning and Knowledge Building

What factors intervene and promote it

  • CIEX Journal Centro de Idiomas Extranjeros "Ignacio Manuel Altamirano"
  • Gerardo Hernández Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


In recent years, various works have been aimed at identifying and analyzing what are the most important factors that allow the understanding and improvement of learning in the school classrooms of students from primary to high school. It has been demonstrated with sufficient empirical evidence that improving learning requires the multiple consideration of various intra and interindividual factors. Within the intra-individuals are: cognitive, metacognitive and affective; As far as the inter-individual and instructional dimension is concerned, they include: collaborative learning, teacher-student interaction -which promotes author regulatory aspects- and the instructional, management and evaluative components. As a result of these studies, it is considered that a favorable learning experience for students is one in which they learn and perceive it as a rich and stimulating experience, all of which requires the attention of the aforementioned factors and the consideration of their possible interactions


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