ADHD a Real Situation, Application of Aulic Strategies

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  • Oscar González Centro de Idiomas Extranjeros “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano”
  • Diego Tomás Centro de Idiomas Extranjeros “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano”


ADHD will be approached from the perspective of psychology and the teaching-learning, education field, thus obtaining the necessary tools to achieve meaningful learning in the teaching-learning process, for the acquisition of knowledge in people with these types of disorders.

With the passage of time, the educational process has been transformed into the different methods of transmission of knowledge, the changes today can be observed with respect to the advances that have occurred throughout this time, however, there are still different aspects within education that should improve. Nowadays, education is concerned with the inclusion within the scope of teaching-learning, accepting people with different disabilities or cognitive disorders in educational centers, this inclusive aspect goes through a problem, which is the preparation of teachers towards these new challenges. Part of these challenges is that the teacher must be trained to teach children who suffer from ADHD, working together with the disorder, thus becoming a facilitator that enhances the skills, as well as their skills of each of them and they, in the teaching-learning process, taking into account the nature of the disorder itself, its main characteristics, in order to use the tools and strategies necessary for the acquisition of knowledge.


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