Task-Based Language Teaching

From Theory to Practice

  • CIEX Journal Centro de Idiomas Extranjeros "Ignacio Manuel Altamirano"
  • Leonardo Gomez Learn YOUR English


In this session, three core approaches/models (Ellis or Long, Willis, and Nunan) to task-based language teaching (TBLT) will be outlined. A critical look at what constitutes a task will be discussed as well as a presentation of sample tasks for each. Emphasis will be placed on when and how teachers can exploit critical incidents to address linguistic deficiencies and generate better output. 


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Author Biography

Leonardo Gomez, Learn YOUR English

Leo Gomez is a teacher, teacher educator, manager, and materials writers. He has been teaching for over 18 years in 5 different countries. He is also the founder of Learn YOUR English. His main interests include teacher education, reflective practice, task-based pedagogy, and humanistic teaching. Currently, he works at Ryerson University and George Brown College.

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