Study of the Use of Tangible-Ludic Materials in Elementary School

  • Maria Magdalena Cass-Zubiria University of Colima
  • Diana Carolina Morales Rosales Universidad de Colima
  • Pedro José Mayoral Valdivia University of Colima
Keywords: Tangible-ludic material, Teaching Languages, Meaningful Learning


In the current educational environment, it is essential to search for strategies to improve meaningful learning through tangible-ludic materials. An open issue is the lack of interest from the students in the process of learning English as a foreign language through a traditional approach, where the students only repeat structured monotonous sentences and have a limited interaction with educational material. The goal of this paper is to identify the effects of the use of tangible-ludic materials at a primary school, particularly in second grade. We carried out an action research initiative to observe the student’s reactions and the learning vocabulary level A1 acquired through the use of the designed set of nine tangible-ludic materials originally meant for kindergarten age children. The idea of using tangible-ludic materials with this particular group of children was to innovate the process of understanding inside the classroom and stimulate the creativity of the students. The data collection was done through the use of field diaries, an interview, and a questionnaire.  The resulting data was then analyzed to find out the impact of these materials in these children’s learning of vocabulary. As a result of this initiative we concluded that the use of tangible-ludic materials impact meaningful learning positively; identifying six significant effects: tangible ludic-materials act as classroom motivator, effective language reproducer, learning appropriation promoter, teamwork facilitator, stimulant of meaningful learning, and as a natural aid in authentic classroom management.


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Author Biographies

Maria Magdalena Cass-Zubiria, University of Colima

María Cass has been a teacher and a teacher trainer for many years.  She currently works at the School of Foreign Languages of the University of Colima.  She holds a B.Phil-Ed and a M.Ed both from the University of Exeter in the UK.  She belongs to RECALE.

Diana Carolina Morales Rosales, Universidad de Colima

Diana is a graduate student from the BA in Language Teaching from the University of Colima. She is currently teaching at a private school at primary school level. Her interests include material design and development, teaching young learners, and professional development.

Pedro José Mayoral Valdivia, University of Colima

Doctor in Education by the ITESO. Master in Sciences in Technology and Education by the University of Colima, Certificate for Teachers from the Anglo Institute, Certificate in SCL and TEYL from Exeter UK. 33 years teaching languages. Professor of Educational Psychology and TEYL. Previous conferences: TESOL NY, PBL CHINA, FIG SYDNEY 2010, EDULEARN18.

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