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No 14 (7): CIEX Journ@l

CIEX Journal presents in this 14th issue, some research papers written by national researchers and an essay related to the role of technology in language teaching written by a BA student at CIEX. The purpose of presenting this issue is to motivate all specialists in the areas of language teaching and applied linguistics to generate, submit and publish research articles or moral/cultural essays.

The editors are national and international reviewers who sightlessly evaluate and offer some suggestions to each work. This process also includes the use of the software “Plagious” to assure the uniqueness of the papers published.

Lastly, a call to all the professionals involved in the areas of language teaching and applied linguistics within national and international educational backgrounds is announced for them to submit some articles or essays to be reviewed and then circulated in the Journal.

MA. Hugo Enrique Mayo Castrejón
MA. Norma Francisca Murga Tapia

Published: 2022-04-21

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Mexican scientific journal, indexed and blind peer-reviewed.